Welcome to Midnight Runners Newfoundlands!

Located in Northeastern Ohio, we are the Midwest’s most prestigious AKC-certified Newfoundland breeders. We encourage you to learn more about this gentle, loving breed. Perhaps you’ll come to love these dogs as much as we do!

–Lisa Martens, Founder, Midnight Runners Newfoundland Kennel

Did You Know?

Male Newfoundlands drool more than females. You’ll notice this more during hot weather or if a dog is stressed. However, they make up for this by shedding a lot less than many other breeds, despite their rich dark fur.

Gentle Giants

It’s true. Our dogs are the gentle giants: Newfoundlands are great with kids and families, but for those who don’t know, they’ll think twice about risking the ire of a big dog. With a minimum of 120 lbs. and a maximum size of about 150 lbs., Newfoundlands are large, huggable, smart, and loyal. If you’re looking for your very own, very large lapdog, you may be right for a Newf.